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Entry #1

Life's totally teasing me.

2008-12-17 23:44:00 by Dharkrai

Hi theres Newgroun-doo-de-li-ders.

I'm writing this post because I'm fuckin' PISSED OFF about things that are making my life more and more ugly. Here's some exemple that are actually happening to me every fuckin' weeks that god's making..

-I'm on Windows Live Messenger and suddenly out of fuckin' nowhere my fingers are deciding to fuck my mind and they're writing "KIK" or ";P;" instead of a fucking "LOL".

-I absolutely want to eat something likes potatoes chips, but when I'm taking the fuckin' bag, he's almost empty, suuuure...there is actually chips in the bag, BUT NOT FUCKIN' ENOUGH TO SATISTFY MY FUCKIN' HUNGER.

-I'm actually walking to go to school, each day, since 1999, winter or summer, rain or sun, terrorist war or not, I'm freakin' walking...And y'know, when it's fuckin' winter, there is a shitload of goddamn snow in the streets, and all that stupid snow's covering a stupid icepath and you're actually falling on your fuckin' ass and it's frozing your bones and you're looking has stupid as ever !!!!! CURSE YOU WINTER ICEPATH.

-Y'know when you have diarreha, BUT IT IS ACTUALLY HURTING LIKE A FUCKIN' RAZOR BETWEEN YOUR ASS ??!!?!?! ( Ok that was gross, and no, I'm not having diarreha each weeks, thanks god )

Well, actually, there's a lot more stuff that's making me angry XD And I'm going to post a new complains list every weeks, so be sure to watch it if interested :D

Life's totally teasing me.


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