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Serious Critic

Hey Timmy Your So Funny I Love You With Mouth...
:) <3 lol k thx bye.

XD Seriously man I love your sense of humor, it's definitely the niciest flash I've saw in the past 3 months :D

I've cried

Seriously...It reminds me one of my girlfriend and I intense moment we had long time ago....very beautiful...seriously.

Was freakin' awesome

Man, Can I have some of your milk ?

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OMFG !!!

I don't know where you're from in Canada, but by the look of your drawings, and simply by your own look, I can guarantee to all Newgrounds communauty that the most talented, and the most beautiful women are in Cananda, when it comes to see artists like you, I'm proud to be from Quebec.

Sabtastic responds:

No kidding. :P
I'm actually Québecois, myself. lol I was born there.
Though, i don't live on that end of Canada anymore, i've always enjoyed visiting for old times sake. I'm out west now.

Btw, very flattering words. Thank you!

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Good Work Dude.

Sound a lot like Dethklok and Missauga, keep it up man, I'll download it ;)

Aphex Twin like

You should reaaaally put this song on your Demo if you're planning a career, it is actually incredible, keep up the work man, it's reminding me Rubber Johnny :)

Lapse responds:

Heh, I'm trying to get a career going! This would definitely be one that i would throw on there. Unless even better tracks were to come out when i decided to try and get signed! : D

You know, i was actually thinking about calling this track "Wasteland Survival Guide" or "The Wastes". I'm a bit ashamed that i've never played anything previous to the Fallout series then the third one. I've been thinking about trying to find 1 and 2. Really amazing game - I'm still playing 3.

It was acutally pretty nice man

Keep up the good work, your song's making my car looks like an earthquake, nice job. 10/10 5/5

GlueR responds:

Thanks for that! It's customary for woofers to enjoy these more than the rest of the speakers.

Basiclly, the name's Maxx, I'm a total addict of Videogames, and animations too. My favorites artists are Egoraptor, Dan Paladin, Brad Borne, Adam Phillips, HotDiggedyDemon and the SamBaKza crew. I also love and LIVE for Mindless Self Indulgence.

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